When a Roofing System is not holding up and is either causing problems or is likely to begin leaking, it’s time to take a proactive approach to correcting it. At Pro Trade commercial roofing Cleveland, we offer the right solutions within the customer’s budget to efficiently handle any roofing needs they may have.

Why Us? We do things right from the start, earning your trust and providing you the best in quality roofing system. investment in quality.

We start by listening, not talking. We want to help educate our customers on the commercial roofing Cleveland industry and show them the best solution for their roofing problem. For the most part, people don’t know a whole lot about roofing, and why should they? Roofs can last for 20, even 30 years, so the roofing process isn’t something people have to deal with very often. When it comes time to “do something about the roof”, most people start the process at square one. Our entire “sales” process doesn’t really involve much “sales”. We want to give you the tools to make an informed decision through education, a conversation about your specific goals, needs for the next roofing system, and providing the most economical options that fit your stated objectives.

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What We Do

We provide a wide array of the latest technology in the roofing industry available today. We are a team of roofing contractors, bringing you the building owner the best quality roofing system for your commercial roof. We offer roofing systems for all types of commercial roofs, you name it we have you covered!

We strive to offer our customers the highest level of customer service and efficiency.

1. We listen to our customers
2. We hear their concerns
3. We don’t follow the old outdated commercial roofing Cleveland model
4. We set the standard high above all of our competitors
5. We deliver a quote and let YOU decide – no high pressure sales
6. We provide the most economical options that fit your stated objectives.


Our Process

Our Process is simple and intended to make sure our Professional Trade Services align with your roofing needs. Every roofing project begins with understanding the need and urgency. When we approach a roofing project, it’s important for us to gather and evaluate key information in order for us to make a professional recommendation to your roofing project.

We Do a Site Assessment:

#1 Walk the outside perimeter of the building to see how the water gets off of the rooftop to determine the quality of the commercial roofing Cleveland. What drainage system is in place? What condition is it in? Look for overflows, downspouts, gutters. This is all valuable information. Assessing the site is important for creating a detailed project proposal.

#2 Next we go inside the building. What are the conditions inside the building? Are there known leaks? Where are they? This inspection will help you qualify the urgency of any existing problem. (A leak in a utility closet is less urgent than one over a $5 million piece of equipment). Get a thorough understanding of what the building is used for and what the inside climate is like. For example, are there high-humidity or other unique activities inside that may require more protection to prevent vapor movement? Verify the type of roof decking in the building. Visually inspect for any defects such as rust, holes, deterioration, mold and electrical wiring connected to the deck.

#3 Full Inspection of the Roof. These inspections tell all about the condition of the roof. It is like when you get an exam from a doctor. There are many tests and procedures he does in order to properly diagnose the problem and to come up with a cure. We gather more information to properly diagnose the best cure for the commercial roofing Cleveland issue. Always keeping what’s best for the customer first. Here are just a few of the things we evaluate on the roof: Membrane type and condition of the membrane. Flashing type and condition, metal edge type and condition, wall coping condition, how many drains and type and condition of drains, roof slope and, any standing water (ponding water) on the roof.

One of the most important inspections in assessing the needs of a commercial roofing Cleveland project is taking core cuts. A core cut shows the current state of the roofing system: the assembly of the existing roof, its overall condition and potential problems such as trapped moisture, and the number of roof layers. A core cut will provide the necessary information to help determine if the roofing project requires a full tear off, partial tear off and repair, or if an overlay is the best option.

A professional commercial roofing Cleveland contractor will not only perform a visual inspection but they will take core samples and facility measurements as well and provide pictures of the condition of your roofing system.